Extended Abstract submission deadline was on March 29th, 2017.

Received Abstracts
Topic Title
Determinants of Health “I think that a country, a society is worth only as much as it treats their weakest” – Subjective views on health, illness and the provision of care of three involved parties in home nursing
Determinants of Health Blameworthy actions? On the anatomy of health-related actions people could reasonably be held responsible for
Determinants of Health Conceptualizing health to reduce health inequality
Determinants of Health Determinants of new and emerging labour risks in the workplace: health and safety practice in Spain
Determinants of Health Diet-related chronic diseases: challenges for diet change
Determinants of Health Egg-freezing for age-related reasons: social expectations versus medicalization of life
Determinants of Health Environment in relation to health, wellbeing and human flourishing: The contribution of 20th century continental philosophy of life and of the subject
Determinants of Health Exploring the ethical issues of growth hormone treatment for idiopathic short children as a case of medicalisation
Determinants of Health Face transplant; between justice and the right to health
Determinants of Health La qualité de la vie, qu’est ce que cela signifie aujourd’hui ? / Quality of Life : what does it mean today ?
Determinants of Health La salud en el trabajo: el suspenso de una sociedad sana
Determinants of Health Nuevo abordaje del control de la Hidradenitis Supurativa (HS), enfermedad crónica de gran repercusión psicológica y socio-laboral desde una Unidad Multidisciplinar y la Voz de los pacientes: Reflexión Ética sobre el ” Barómetro social” de esta enfermedad
Determinants of Health On a fallacy to define the health concept in medical context
Determinants of Health Quality of life in patients with chronic diseases
Determinants of Health Social Responsibility and Health from Six Religious Perspectives
Determinants of Health Work, health and disability: capability and a physician’s perspective
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? An Ethical Approach to the Monetization of Patient Data
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? An ethical dilemma in communicating genetic information in families: respect for autonomy and privacy in conflict with beneficence and nonmaleficence
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? Beyond gift-giving: transplantations, agent identity, and sharing
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? Broad consent for healthcare-embedded biobanking: understanding and reasons to donate in a large patient sample
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? Co-payments for unfunded additional care in publicly funded healthcare systems: ethical issues
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? El paper dels coordinadors d’Equips d’Atenció Primària: conflicte de lleialtat?
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? Ensuring the safety of participants of clinical trials
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? Ethical aspects of preventive activities in general practice in Bulgaria
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? Future of the freedom to provide crossborder health care services
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? Getting Clearer about Big Data and its Ethical Issues
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? HIV Written Informed Consent: Time to Review the Italian Standard?
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? How much is too much? Balancing the interests of patients and health professionals in the era of integrated care
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? Implicaciones éticas de la telemedicina en el control remoto de dispositivos cardíacos implantables
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? Improving Patient Engagement by Family Support: A Case Study of China
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? La prescripción en Atención Primaria de Salud y la sostenibilidad de sistemas sanitarios
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? Mejorando el acceso al tratamiento anticoagulante como parámetro de justicia en la atención de pacientes con enfermedad cardiovascular
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? Practical ethics in health care governance and management
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? Sociotechnological background of future healthcare: personalized medicine as a choice
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? Sociotechnological background of personalized medicine development: better life for better humans?
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? Sustainability of national health services and justice: the case of new DAAs for HCV in Italy
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? Top Four Ethical Issues in Romanian Healthcare System
Healthcare Systems: at the Service of What? What is an healing space for Disorders Of Consciousness
Justice and Vulnerability A developing country’s socioeconomic perspective of informed consent in clinical practice
Justice and Vulnerability A matter of justice: moving from values to conduct
Justice and Vulnerability A question of fairness: Shall cost be a criterion to withhold opioid-assisted therapy from elderly, incapacitated patients?
Justice and Vulnerability An ethical approach to ER Facilities in Turkey for Syrians Under Temporary Protection
Justice and Vulnerability An Ethical Priority-Setting Framework for Resource-Constrained Health Care Organizations
Justice and Vulnerability Autonomy and coercion in psychiatry, a care ethics perspective
Justice and Vulnerability Balancing care and justice in disability
Justice and Vulnerability Between palliative care and euthanasia: doing justice to the most vulnerable
Justice and Vulnerability Care and Justice in the Hospital Arena
Justice and Vulnerability Cost-Effectiveness Analysis and Disability Discrimination
Justice and Vulnerability CRISPR/CAS9: Patient war for controlling the book of life in the era of Bioprecariousness
Justice and Vulnerability Dealing with a request for assisted suicide in psychiatry: a training module for psychiatrists in the Netherlands
Justice and Vulnerability Developing an ethics support instrument for nurses in palliative care
Justice and Vulnerability End-of-Life-Care: Making Ethics Consultation Visible
Justice and Vulnerability Entorno social, eutanasia y suicidio asistido
Justice and Vulnerability Epistemic injustice in health care politics: considerations beyond allocation issues
Justice and Vulnerability Ethical concerns arising in phase 1 oncology clinical trials and end-of-life care
Justice and Vulnerability Ethics of full disclosure in the presence of presumable nocebo effects
Justice and Vulnerability Fragmented food autonomy: the meat industry as a social determinant of health and counter-capability factor.
Justice and Vulnerability From clinic to community: Teaching, supporting and doing ethics in care work outside hospitals
Justice and Vulnerability Gender and dementia bias. Can biology explain everything?
Justice and Vulnerability Gender, equality and the steepness of the social gradients in health
Justice and Vulnerability Genetic responsibility
Justice and Vulnerability Geriatric long-term facilities : uses and misuses of justice
Justice and Vulnerability Global Health Emergencies, Gender and Vulnerability
Justice and Vulnerability Goodness Versus Fairness in Public Health Decision Making: Designing an Animated Bioethics Learning Module
Justice and Vulnerability Guía de actuación ante la pérdida perinatal en el Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu
Justice and Vulnerability Inequalities in health care through insufficient use of interpreters in intercultural encounters – a national study in paediatric cancer care
Justice and Vulnerability Is there a fair drug price? Pharmaceutical industry ethics and justice
Justice and Vulnerability Justice and Vulnerability in Childcare
Justice and Vulnerability Justicia y vulnerabilidad en los cuidados al final de la vida, a la luz de la Declaración Universal sobre Bioética y Derechos Humanos
Justice and Vulnerability La autonomía alimentaria fragmentada: la industria cárnica como determinante social de la salud y factor de contracapacidad
Justice and Vulnerability La medicalización de la transexualidad en niños y adolescentes. Aspectos éticos
Justice and Vulnerability Malalties cròniques i final de la vida: parlar, planificar, decidir
Justice and Vulnerability Nanomedicine and human health: when big questions arise from small technologies.
Justice and Vulnerability Necessity of Scientific Tribunals: Scientific Regulation of Medicine in Context of Philosophy
Justice and Vulnerability No Health without Mental Health. Broadening the Scope of Bioethical Inquiry
Justice and Vulnerability On Socio-Psycho-Somatics in Medical and Juridical Philosophy
Justice and Vulnerability Paradoxes in health care
Justice and Vulnerability Paediatric palliative care decision making in Switzerland
Justice and Vulnerability Personnel’s rights in provision of palliative care in Bulgaria
Justice and Vulnerability Problems of social justice in use of biomedical technologies for human enhancement
Justice and Vulnerability Proposta d’un nou fonament de la vulnerabilitat
Justice and Vulnerability Quality or quantity? The place of the doctrine of Sanctity of Life in end of life care
Justice and Vulnerability Réflexion éthique et soins palliatifs : la perspective des éthiques du care
Justice and Vulnerability Rejecting Health Isolationism: Redefining National Solidarity Groups to Protect Refugee and Migrant Health
Justice and Vulnerability Sharing Care Responsibilities between Professionals and Families in Mental Healthcare. A Plea for Inclusion
Justice and Vulnerability Stigma and mental illness in mass media
Justice and Vulnerability The “time of waiting”: the Nurse and the end-of-life choices in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Justice and Vulnerability The assessment of capacity: Challenges faced by Swiss Clinicians
Justice and Vulnerability The Intersection of Hospice Care and Family Dynamics: What happens when End of Life Care and Child Care Collide?
Justice and Vulnerability The politics of care : How political parties promote justice in human care
Justice and Vulnerability The use of Restraint in dementia patients: can we include it in a care project?
Justice and Vulnerability To Fix or Not to Fix, the Cosmetic Labiaplasty Question
Justice and Vulnerability Undoing Capacity: Applying the Capability Approach to Paediatrics
Justice and Vulnerability Utilitarianism and Egalitarianism in Organ Allocation
Justice and Vulnerability Value of Life – Intrinsic or Personal?
Justice and Vulnerability Which health inequalities are unjust? Moving the dialogue between theory and practice forward
Justice and Vulnerability Who has the right to justify euthanasia?
Justice and Vulnerability Why cannot Western individualism be comprehensive? Vaccine refusal debates in Turkey
The Role of Professionals and Research “Growth itself is the only moral end”. The relevance of Dewey’s moral theory for continuous ethics education of healthcare professionals
The Role of Professionals and Research ”It is lonely at the top” – exploring ethical challenges of head physicians
The Role of Professionals and Research 4 years experience of Medicine and Literature Lecture Elective Course in Marmara University Faculty of Medicine
The Role of Professionals and Research Beyond recovery: towards rights-based mental health care
The Role of Professionals and Research Clinical ethics consultation as “shared document”. Emerging ethical and medico-legal issues: the experience of IBioMedH-UCSC CEC Service (2005-2016)
The Role of Professionals and Research Clinical Ethics Consultation Service: an overview after one year of activity
The Role of Professionals and Research Enjeux pédagogiques de la culture palliative : quel apprentissage social de l’accompagnement de la fin de vie ?
The Role of Professionals and Research Ethical Considerations in the Assessment of Risks in Social, Behavioural and Educational Research and the Role of the Ethics Committee or Institutional Review Board
The Role of Professionals and Research Ethics Experts: still wondering whether they do exist. How are they expected to help in clinical ethical decision-making?
The Role of Professionals and Research Evidence or bumbledom: nootropics between scientific values and public request
The Role of Professionals and Research Factors that challenge and facilitate research integrity: a qualitative study of researchers and advisors in the UK
The Role of Professionals and Research Fundamentación ética de las estrategias para la seguridad de los pacientes
The Role of Professionals and Research Has moral case deliberation impact on the degree of moral sensitivity on employees in (forensic) psychiatric care?
The Role of Professionals and Research Healthcare professionalism at times of austerity
The Role of Professionals and Research How are we making a crucial decision? A Reflective Judgment reprise
The Role of Professionals and Research Implementing advance care planning (ACP) in Norwegian nursing homes; a process of knowledge translation.
The Role of Professionals and Research Influence of an ACP intervention on documentation of end-of-life issues – a cluster randomized clinical trial
The Role of Professionals and Research Informed Consent and the Royal College of Surgeons’ Guide to Good Practice – Are Patients Giving Fully Informed Consent?
The Role of Professionals and Research Institutional space for multi-perspective decision-making: what are the challenges?
The Role of Professionals and Research Integrated clinical ethics consultation as an educational resource for medical professionals
The Role of Professionals and Research Mejora de la Calidad Docente en Cuidados Paliativos
The Role of Professionals and Research Place of bioethics in continuing education for nurses in Kharkiv National Medical University
The Role of Professionals and Research Promote empathy, not only as an improvement for professional burnout, but a key element in the quality of care
The Role of Professionals and Research Relationship between science and ethics in Argentina: science with consciousness
The Role of Professionals and Research Surgeons and research: the context and concept of surgical innovation
The Role of Professionals and Research The dual use of research ethics committees. Why professional self-governance falls short in maintaining the balance between academic freedom and biosecurity
The Role of Professionals and Research The impact of neoliberal competition on biomedical education, and its effects on health care provision
The Role of Professionals and Research The limit of doctor professionalism to support patient decision making
The Role of Professionals and Research The role and responsibility of scientists in society. A qualitative interview study with natural scientists
The Role of Professionals and Research Uso de muestras biológicas y registros clínicos en la investigación. Límites del deber de respeto a la autonomía
The Role of Professionals and Research Values in conflict during the decision making process surrounding admission to intensive care – Ethnographic study in six British hospitals
The Role of Professionals and Research Which core skills for Healthcare Ethics Consultations in Disaster Medicine?
The Role of Professionals and Research Which outcomes of Moral Case Deliberation do participants perceive as important and which do they experience? – Insights from the field study with the Euro-MCD Instrument
Others “We Will Stop Femicide”, A Platform Fighting against Gender-Based Violence
Others “Why Should I Question a Patient’s Wish?” A Comparative Study on Physicians’ Perspectives on Their Duties to Respect Advance Directives
Others Burden of treatment in face of childhood cancer: A quantitative study based on medical records of deceased children
Others Conocimiento de la población sobre el Documento de voluntades anticipadas
Others Cutting to the core domains of paediatric palliative care: A critical analysis on international guidelines
Others Demencia severa: hacia un enfoque terapéutico justo.
Others Emerging Integrative Ethics Support: Experiences with providing continuing ethics support for a treatment team that provides care for transgender persons
Others Ethics of deemed consent: The new Welsh approach to organ procurement and the role of the family
Others Genome editing and assisted reproduction: curing embryos, society or prospective parents?
Others How to realize dignified care for female Islamic patients? A qualitative study of intercultural care experiences in maternity care units in Flanders, Belgium
Others Impacte del Programa Comunitari al SRC Granollers Benito Menni en la integració social dels usuaris
Others Indeterminate ethics and health policy
Others La cesárea a demanda: Un conflicto de valores y un dilema a resolver
Others La enseñanza de la Bioética: una contribución al perfil de egreso de los estudiantes de Medicina
Others On Double Helix of Life Technologization: Co-production of Knowledge, Technologies and Values
Others Public And Private Interest In Regulating
Others The effectiveness of computer-based learning (CBL) and classroom lecture as teaching method of bioethics in medical school: A comparison study
Others Towards patient empowerment in Saudi Healthcare: The place of a Positive Patients’ Rights Culture
Others Truth-telling to a cancer patient about poor prognosis: a clinical case report in cross-cultural communication
Others Withholding and withdrawing treatment, a multicentre study in patients admitted in Internal Medicine wards in the Community of Madrid


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